Saturday, 19 May 2018

It’s All About The Waste

Recycling is the buzz-word at Dive-In Larnaca this season, and we’re well and truly fed-up with plastic bottles and tin cans littering our regular dive sites.  So we thought we’d better clean up our own act, and step one was installing a recycling station in the office.  We now separate plastic and glass (recycled by the local council), aluminium cans (donated to ‘Cans for Cats’ neutering programme), plastic lids (collected by local charities) and batteries.  We also make use of the local paper and card recycling skip for our delivery boxes.

That’s as well as recycling all the batteries staff and customers use through the ΑΦΗΣ scheme.


We have a “FREE WATER” policy for all our customers. In addition if customers do not have their own water bottles, we are providing a refillable, collapsible water bottle that is theirs to keep.  This has already reduced the number of small disposable plastic water bottles that we hand out on a daily basis.

And for those of you doing SDI/TDI courses we use e-cards in an attempt to remove more plastic from the environment.

So the next time you visit, be ready to reuse, recycle, or best of all, reduce the amount of plastic you bring along so that this becomes a thing of the past:-

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