Monday, 12 March 2018

Dive-In Larnaca 2018

A new season at Dive-In Larnaca means new staff, and in the interests of getting to know each other a bit better we asked few probing questions. Our answers are somewhat surprising…

To begin with we went right back to basics and asked if anyone could remember their first diving experience. Chris F and Sheri both did Try Dives on the Great Barrier Reef, and the Boss jumped  off the back of a yacht in the British Virgin Islands.  He remembers the visibility being amazing and looking down on white sand in all directions.  Marina’s first dive was less exotic but far more relevant, during her Open Water course right here in Cyprus.

Learning to dive with Dive-In Larnaca
 We then wanted to know what everyone’s most memorable dive was. Straight away Phil highlighted the Zenobia, recalling one of his first dives on her as a qualified Divemaster. We’re so lucky to have one of the best wrecks in the world on our doorstep.  Gill then told us about diving the Cenotes in Mexico, and Chris F talked about the Liberty Wreck in Bali.  Marina topped us all by describing a dive she did at Koh Bon, Thailand.  She was on her safety stop and a manta ray appeared and flipped around her in a big circle before swimming off. Our team really do have some worldwide diving experience.

Dive-In staff's favourite dives from around the world

And then a slightly trickier questions. We asked everyone what they enjoy most about working at Dive-In Larnaca? Sheri loves the huge variety of customers, and really enjoys meeting and getting to know them as they pass through the centre. The Boss and Chris F both like the variety of diving.  One day we’ll be guiding recreational divers on the wreck, the next it will be DSDs at Green Bay, then we could have a series of high level wreck penetration dives.  No two days are the same. Gill pointed out that we are a small team with lots of different skills and responsibilities, so she is learning a lot about all aspects of diving; teaching recreational divers, guiding, learning tech diving skills, gas blending, servicing and maintenance, and so on.

Nobody could make their mind up when we asked about their favourite part of the Zenobia.  The Boss’s view is ‘the rustier the better’, whereas Chris F likes the Lifeboats as that’s where the fish hang out. Sheri recalled her first dive in the Middle Car Deck, and Marina and Phil both like exploring the Upper.  Gill enjoys taking customers through the Accommodation.  It’s normally  their first dive inside and there’s load of interesting stuff to show them.

Zenobia propeller
  And finally, we asked the all important question; If you could dive any celebrity, who would it be?  Marina would love to dive David Attenborough, and then have a chat with him afterwards, while Chris F thinks taking Donald Trump down to 30m is a good idea! Sheri would love to have taken her Dad diving, and the Boss can’t make his mind up as there are too many people to choose from.

If there are any other burning issues that you need our staff to address, please do get in touch. Alternatively, you could book in for a dive an ask them yourself.  See you soon!

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