Saturday, 28 April 2018

500 dives

This week Chris F has been diving the wreck with Dawn from St Albans, UK.  On Tuesday, Dawn let slip that she had completed her 500th dive, so we thought we would find out a bit more about her diving exploits, and in particular what she thinks of the Zenobia.

Dawn with Dive-In Larnaca Tech guide Chris F

 Dawn is an accomplished Tec Trimix diver, and has been exploring the Zenobia’s technical routes over the last few days, however her first ever dive was a complete accident.  On a sailing holiday in Greece 10 years ago, a day without wind resulted in a pool try dive.  When she ventured out into the open water, rather than seeing lots of fish Dawn remembers being fascinated by all the bubbles!

It was then to cooler climes for her Advanced OW course in Scapa Flow; an odd choice you may think, however Dawn loves the Orkney Isles and found that the good visibility led to a passion for wreck diving.  Dawn did her PADI Tech 40, 45 and 50 courses 4 years ago, completing her 50m dive at the National Diving Centre in Chepstow.

Although we couldn’t persuade Dawn to pick her favourite dive, she certainly enjoys wreck diving, naming Scapa Flow, Truk Lagoon and the Red Sea as some of her most memorable.  And lucky for us, the Zen has made it into her top three.

If you would like to find out more about technical diving on the Zenobia, get in touch!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Apeks Fusion KVR1 Drysuit

A new season means new kit, and what better way to kick things off than with a review of the Boss’s brand new drysuit, the Apeks Fusion KVR1 with Aircore. He’s been diving the original version of this suit for a couple of seasons, but fancied an upgrade to the latest model.  It arrived at the shop last week and was wet within 24 hours. So what’s all the hype about?

From the Apeks specification, the patented Twin Layer System suit boasts a ‘protective outer layer ballistic strength para-aramid synthetic fibre skin, and innovative AirCore breathable inner layer’ and ‘Seal Lock Technology (SLT) dry glove attachments system’ to make it one of the most robust but comfortable drysuits on the market. 

In layman’s terms the suit comes in two parts; the inner skin is the waterproof bit, made of a breathable trim-laminate material that keeps water out but allows vapour to escape, significantly reducing surface overheating.  Over the top of this, the outer skin is made of ‘para-aramid’, a Kevlar® material characterised by high strength-to-weight ratio and cut resistance. This provides a flexible but durable shield, preventing wear and tear, and absorbing the majority of snags. The two layers can be quickly separated and joined via zips at the neck, cuffs and ankles, allowing for quicker drying or changing of the inner. 

Another big plus are the silicon neck and wrist seals with SLT dry glove attachments.  Silicon seals are fast becoming the most popular drysuit seal, being far softer and more forgiving than traditional latex. They cannot be glued directly to the suit and instead require a ring attachment system. However this comes with its own benefits as it allows a ripped or damaged seal to be replaced in minutes by the user, or for a dry glove system to be attached in seconds.

Other great features are the front zip, making it much easier to get on and off independently, large Twin-Zip expandable pockets with D-ring attachments and drainage, ankle zips for easy donning and a suspender system for maximum comfort.

With reinforced mauser taped seams and protective armour at the shoulders, elbows, knees and seat leave, this latest suit from Apeks is specifically designed with rugged wreck and cave diving environments in mind.

And the Boss’s verdict…? ‘I love diving this suit, that’s why I’ve bought two! The outer layer is really robust and even though I snagged my old suit a couple of times, the inner was completely unscathed.  The only repair I needed to do on the trilam was a patch that was really easy and quick to do. The silicon seals make all the difference, and I like that the rings are low-profile oval shaped and make for easy switch to dry gloves. The only reason I upgraded is that my original suit no longer fits now that I’ve shed some pounds’ 

As Cyprus’s Apeks distributor, we have Apeks equipment in stock and can order any Apeks items for immediate delivery (if you pay shipping) or as part of our bi-monthly orders.

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