Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Shore Diving

We are well known for diving the Zenobia wreck, but we also run regular shore diving trips to the coast between Xylafagou and Protaras.  At this time of year the water is a lovely temperature and the fishlife is at its most. Following some basic guidelines will ensure you have an enjoyable day:-

Assess the site before you gear up. You don’t want to get kitted up, walk down to the water and then find the sea is too rough.

DO not put anything down while you are getting in the water. Anything you put down will be taken away by the waves. Hold onto your mask and fins and lean on your buddy when putting your fins on.

Check you have everything with you. Before you get in the water check you have all your kit with you, so you don’t have to de-kit and go back to the car for something.

Practice your navigation skills before you go diving. Take a bearing and look at the prominent landmarks on shore, so you can find your exit when you need to.

Exit. This can be the hardest part of the dive sometimes. We do not tend to have much surf here so can usually walk out but in rougher conditions crawling on your hands and knees may be the best answer, so wearing a long suit and gloves is a good idea.

So get in touch for one of our Napa Safaris on or +357 24 627 469.

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