Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Instructor Crossovers

If you are already a recreational diving instructor have you thought about expanding your teaching base?

At Dive-In Larnaca in Cyprus we run courses to cross over existing recreational diving instructors to all the following agencies:-

  • Scuba Diving International (SDI)
  • Technical Diving International (TDI)
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN)
  • PADI TecRec 
The requirements for each of the Agencies are as follows:-

SDI Open Water Instructor
Be a current certified Open Water Instructor with a recognised agency and not have any outstanding ethical issues or standards violation.

The Instructor candidate needs to complete the online familiarisation course which goes through  SDI standards, Instructor guide and SDI Open Water materials - it doesn't tell you "How To Teach Scuba" - you already know that!

SDI will also cross over 5 of your recreational specialities to equivalent SDI specialities at no extra charge.

TDI Instructor
The TDI Instructor framework is thorough in that it requires you to accumulate certifications at your current level before progressing to the next level - this ensures that TDI Instructors have a good solid grounding before moving onto the next level. TDI also require all their instructors to have completed the user level course too.

Most Open Water Instructors crossover at the TDI Nitrox level and then having successfully certified 10 Nitrox students (of any agency) then can start thinking about becoming an Advanced Nitrox Instructor etc

DAN Instructor
Most divers know DAN in the context of diving insurance providers. What they may not also know is that DAN offer a range of diving related training courses such as Oxygen Provider, Neurological Assessment, Hazardous Marine Life etc - there are currently 9 different courses. At Dive-In Larnaca we provide courses in user level of these courses as well as Instructor Levels. To become a DAN Instructor you must be a DAN Member ie hold DAN insurance and be an Active Scuba Diver Instructor (Divemaster is acceptable for some courses). DAN have recently opened up their courses to online study (D-Learning) also.

At Dive-In Larnaca we have our own in-house TecRec Instructor Trainer. To start any TecRec Instructor course you need to be a current PADI Open Water Instructor, a Nitrox Instructor and a Deep Instructor and before you can be certified you need to be a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (there are also additional pre- and post course requisites). You can sign up for a PADI Tec instructor who can teach Tec40, PADI Tec Deep Instructor and teach up to Tec50 or Tec Trimix.

All of the above courses add to your value as a Diving Instructor and make you more employable.
For further details contact Chris or Sheri on larnaca@dive-in.com.cy or visit www.dive-in.com.cy

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