Friday, 13 December 2013

Diving Zenobia

Anyone who follows our blog will know that we do a LOT of Technical/CCR diving on the wreck of the Zenobia.

What many of you may not realise is that the Zenobia is also fantastic for recreational diving - ie nothing deeper than 30m.

One of our CCR customers, Nigel Stephenson, took one dive out from his stay here to film one of the routes we do with recreational divers - stern to bow via accommodation. All accessible to recreational/single cylinder divers with a 30m qualification.

We visit the wreck everyday except Sundays between February and November, kit hire is available including computers and larger 15L tanks and Nitrox are available also.

There are 10 different routes we can take recreational divers on - "the Wreckheads Tour", always depending upon each diver's qualification and experience and dive prices reduce the more dives you do.

So sit back and watch the video and then start planning your diving trip to Cyprus by contacting Chris or Sheri on  or visit our web site at Dive-In Larnaca or like our facebook page Facebook Dive-In Larnaca or become a friend on Facebook Chris Dive-In

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