Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Dive Kit we use

The only kit we recommend is what we love and use ourselves. So for Tech diving the only computer for us is the Shearwater Petrel.

With 2 easy to use buttons, prompts and the ability to use any AA battery it really is a winner - not to mention its large clear HD colour screen  which is a must for those of us over 40 whose arms are no longer long enough to read many computers :-)

The Petrel comes with or without a Fischer cable so it can be connected to just about any CCR unit or used as a stand alone computer. It has the capability to hold 5 gases in CCR or OC mode, multiple decompression algorithms and can be updated quickly via bluetooth.

Current Retail price is 885Euro for the standalone version.

Our Dive Torches are made by Tilly Tec from Germany. They are modular lights with varying sized lightheads and batteries depending on what burntime and brightness you want and can be a handheld torch or umbilical.

A battery size TT1 with a 1500 lumen head (shown above) will give you a 3-4 hour burn-time, or a TT3 battery with a 1500 head goes on for over 10 hours!! Long enough for most dive days.

For Regulators Dive-In Larnaca uses Apeks and has a full stock stock of 2013 XTX regulators and instruments in stock.  Cris took Apeks Regs on his Deep dive to 210m, so we have every confidence in them!! Wea re also service Technician for Apeks and so can service you regulators quickly and without sending them away.

 While stocks last XTX50 with XTX40 are 495euros and a full set of Tec3 are 895euros.

As from 1st November 2013 Dive-In Larnaca are also proud to be Halcyon Dealers, our initial small order will be arriving mid November with SMBs, SPGs,knives, snaps, line arrows and mask straps, all bearing the coveted blue H.

If you are interested in any dive equipment from the above suppliers just contact Dive-In Larnaca on or +357 24627469 for further details.

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