Friday, 5 April 2013

Why dive in Cyprus?

Cyprus is an ideal place to learn to dive and learn to dive. We can take beginners to dive on the South Eastern coast of Cyprus where there are gently shelving dive sites such as Green Bay and Sheep Dip. Qualified divers can enjoy other dive sites along the South Cyprus coast such as Tunnels and Caves, Chapel and Cyclops.

For those visitors to Cyprus who want to learn to dive or just try diving then the South coast around Agia Napa is perfect. Training dives can be done in the sheltered bays and your first Open Water dives can be done there too.

Cyprus is also fortunate to have the wreck of the Zenobia in Larnaca, which is one of the top wrecks in the world and just a 3 minute boat ride from our dive centre. The top of the wreck is at 17m and the seabed is at 42m. Dive-In Cyprus organises dives for individuals or groups, for Recreational or Technical divers both outside and inside the wreck. The good visibility and lack of currents makes it a great dive site for a day out, a long weekend in Cyprus or for a week long diving holiday.

The water temperature varies from 15 degrees in Jan – Mar up to 24 degrees in July –September.

A drysuit may be necessary during the winter months of November to April, in July - September a 5mm wetsuit is generally enough. For the rest of the year a 7mm wetsuit or a semi dry should be adequate. 

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